Simply put; staging is real time home marketing. Today’s market requires that a home look its absolute best and appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers and agents in order to maximize sales and price. In Home Designs will transform the home by providing a fresh and updated look to achieve the best possible results. In a recent discovery, The Real Estate Staging Association uncovered that staged homes spent 72% less time on the market, which means a quicker turn around for both the realtor and the seller! While staging is an expense, staged homes are quick to sell a significant 6% above the original asking price this is drastic in comparison to un-staged homes. Remember, how you live may not be how you should sell. Staging allows buyers to view what the home has to offer, while speaking to each person in a unique, compelling way.

Staging a vacant home permits the true space of how large a room is and allows for buyers to visualize how they can make it their own. Staging a vacant home acts as a point of reference for buyers when evaluating size and décor, making for an easy way to conceptualize every aspect of the space. Staging a home is a worthwhile investment to get you to YOUR dream home faster! Contact In Home Designs today and see how we can help your transform home!

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